Letters to the Editor in the San Diego Union Tribune from September 4, 2015


Regents Road, as an extension of a Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, is one of our most important four-lane collector streets.

From Tierrasanta, it connects four freeways, and services three City Council districts before it meets Genesee Avenue near the I-5 interchange in the Golden Triangle.

This vital collector must cross Rose Canyon on a long-planned high bridge funded by developers’ fees. Opposition from nearby residents anxious to preserve their exclusive “dead end” and environmentalists imagining harm to the canyon, has resulted in the initiation of a potential community plan amendment eliminating the bridge, thereby diverting developers’ money into parochial local projects.

This bridge will benefit everyone. Don’t let special interests kill it.

Harry Mathis
University City

Without the Regents Road bridge, Genesee Avenue, with the trolley expansion, UTC enlargement plus condo projects at UTC, will no doubt be virtually gridlocked the majority of the time. Emergency services will be severely degraded.

The Regents Road bridge was in the community plan, the money for the bridge has been collected, but politics has resulted in it being removed. Build the bridge, now.

Daniel Parker
University City

Over the course of decades, the Regents Road bridge project has never been built for very good reasons: it’s environmentally highly destructive, has never been warranted for traffic reasons, and is hugely expensive. Thanks to Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Council President Sherri Lightner for moving us forward to delete this antiquated road proposal and spend the money on projects like fire stations, which the Fire Department has deteremined our community needs. And despite its name, this is a road project: 45% of the distance across the canyon would not be a bridge but a new cut and fill road through the heart of Rose Canyon Open Space Park.

Deborah Knight
San Diego, California
(posted Sept. 4th)

Depends on how its designed, if it could be like an arch like east gate bridge over 805 its impacts could be mitigated. However in mine and many others opinion you dont have much credibility as you waste time and taxpayer money suing you are suing the trolley that isn’t even passing through rose canyon and with highway traffic and Amtrak impact is minimal. You are an enviromental hypocrite wanting to preserve nature while stonewalling public transit which will reduce co emissions

Mi Sha
(posted Sept. 8th)