Our GoFundMe Effort is Trending Well, But We Still Need Help!

First of all, we all share a sense of overwhelming sympathy for people who have been and are being seriously impacted by three major Hurricanes — Harvey, Irma, and potentially Jose.  People in Texas and Florida and other areas will need help for some time to come.  Our thoughts go out to you and any friends or loved ones who live in the flooding or hurricane damaged areas.   We truly hope that everyone remains as safe as possible.

OUR LEGAL FUND – As we continue our efforts to keep the Regents Road Bridge in the community plan, we want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all who have contributed to our Go Fund Me Page for our legal expenses.   We realize this is asking a lot, however, a contribution of any size during this challenging time is very helpful and appreciated.  If circumstances permit you to make a contribution of $100 or more, there is still an opportunity for your contribution to be doubled thanks to a very generous, anonymous supporter who has agreed to match contributions up to a total of $10,000.  

As a reminder, if the Regents Road Bridge is truly eliminated from the community plan, it will be nearly impossible to insert it back in the plan.   In the next five years, over 50 major construction projects in the North UC area will make an already unacceptable traffic situation much worse, particularly on Genesee Avenue. 

SAFETY AND EVACUATION There is a very real scenario (see the illustration below) that was almost fully realized in the Cedar Fire in 2003.  805 and state route 52 could be closed in the case of a major fire in San Clemente Canyon west of 805.   

Cedar Fire 2003

Freeway Closure During Cedar Fire, 2003

In that case, the only northerly evacuation route from South UC in particular would involve Genesee Avenue.  There is no alternate route.  Shutting down 52 would stop people in the west end of South UC from accessing I-5.   Genesee Avenue simply doesn’t have the capacity for a major evacuation.   




This fire evacuation requirement is essential.   All of the elements of our community plan should be completed to make the area safer.  Earthquake evacuation routes may also be needed someday. It is important to have alternative routes and added roadway capacity.  It is simply not safe to put off completing Regents Road any longer.

Please consider helping this cause and other worthy causes in these challenging times.


Austin Speed

President, Citizens for the Regents Road Bridge


About Citizens For The Regents Road Bridge

CITIZENS FOR THE REGENTS ROAD BRIDGE is a grassroots organization in the University City, Clairemont, Mira Mesa, La Jolla, Miramar, Kearny Mesa, and TierraSanta areas of San Diego. Our organization believes in the importance of effective action to improve safety, relieve traffic congestion, and improve multimodal transportation in these communities. Traffic congestion, particularly in the University City area on Genesee Avenue, has become unacceptable and has created significant risks for emergency responders, residents, and business owners. A city plan drawn up over 50 years ago detailed two major north-south surface street arteries serving these communities. One of them, the Clairemont Mesa Boulevard-Regents Road collector road, is still incomplete because of a number of lengthy delays in constructing a four lane bridge to transit Rose Canyon on Regents Road.
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